Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dance solos

In March, I had the privilege of dancing at my friend's birthday bash.  I had already been practicing a routine for Anaheed's Dancers' Swap Meet and the birthday party was the night before that, so I did the same routine.  To spice things up a little, I added a sword dance.   I got to break in a costume I had bought at the last Dancer's Swap Meet.

The party was at a great venue - a private Moroccan-themed room at a nice restaurant.  It was a really relaxed atmosphere (the martini didn't hurt ;) ) and I was feeling carefree.  The performance went great!  I felt really good about it and had lots of fun dancing.  We danced all night and stayed up way too late.  It was LOTS of fun!  Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of my performance, though my hubby did get a shot of me fooling around with my scimitar towards the end of the night:

It was not as much fun the next day when I was the first performer at the Swap Meet.  I wasn't hung over, but I was VERY tired.  I felt draggy during my performance and it showed very clearly in the the video.  I haven't yet perfected faking perkiness when I just want a nap.  Here's a few of the better screen grabs from the swap meet:


Notice:  I'll be performing a more-perfected version of this same routine on June 2nd at 11:45 at Cairo Caravan on the Queen Mary (Luxor Stage).  I'll make sure not to stay up until 4am the night before this time!

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  1. That first pic looks like a very familiar one (well, the pose) I used to see quite often on a certain hallway wall? :)