Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Computer troubles & a new gourd brooch

My computer crashed a couple of weeks ago.  My husband thinks he can retrieve my files, but his first attempt somehow recovered an old backup of my files from 2007.  Odd.  And my computer stopped recognizing my back-up hard-drive a month or two ago and I never got around to getting a new one.  Doh!  When hubby gets back from his business trip, he'll try again to get my files back (HOPE! HOPE!).  Until then, I am sharing hubby's computer or using my computer at work.  If anyone's wondering what to get me for my birthday, a new computer or back-up drive would be awesome!

Luckily, my wonderful hubby had sent me a photo of one of my newer creations to my work address, so I have something to share.  Here it is...

It's done with Huichol-style beading on a piece of a gourd.  Rather than the usual opaque beads, I used more translucent, glassy beads. They gave a nice jewel-like effect.  I made embroidery-thread kumihino cord for my border to keep the beads in and bring out the color.

I've made a few other new things, but haven't had a chance to photograph them.  I'll try to get them up soon.  But probably not until after this weekend--I've got a very small part in a group bellydance performance this Sunday.  I'll be one of a bevy of bellydancing pirates and have been busy making costume parts.  Aargh!  Should be fun!  It will supposedly be filmed and posted on YouTube--if so, I'll post a link.